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LEGO MindStorms

This page is the record which is playing LEGO MindStorms.

The collection of works

The assembled machine is introduced.

The collection of works
Name Photograph Explanation
#0 PATHFINDER PATHFINDER "PATHFINDER" which has appeared in the manual was assembled. Everybody will make it first.
#1 GASHIGASHI-KUN I GASHIGASHI-KUN I This was made referring to "Mushi-Mushi No.4" of. MINDSTORMS INFO CENTER.
He avoids an obstacle with a touch sensor on either side, and walks on 6 foot.
#2 ROBERBOT ROVERBOT "ROBERBOT" which has appeared in the manual was assembled.
This also avoids and runs an obstacle with a touch sensor on either side.
#3 INVENTORBOT INVENTORBOT "INVENTORBOT" which has appeared in the manual was assembled.
A part of the nose is changed into it by the sound sensor being developed for Mr. Shirakawa in MINDSTORMS laboratory (Japanese). A sound sensor purchases and assembles the kit currently sold by TriState (Japanese).
If a right hand is touched, the upper half of the body will be shaken at right and left, and what was placed on the left hand in response to sound is thrown. When it throws, the sound to generate is gathered and the left motor is stopped to exactly good timing.
#4 ACROBOT ACROBOT "ACROBOT" which has appeared in the manual was assembled.
It will back, if a front touch sensor collides with an obstacle, and direction is changed. The sound sensor is carried in both ears(?). And, it does not move well though it made to advance toward the direction which the sound does.(sigh)
The programming environment used NQC and RCXCC.
#5 GASHIGASHI-KUN II GASHIGASHI-KUN II It is the first completeness(?) original work.
Although he wanted to make it 8 legs in fact, since parts, such as a gear, were insufficient, they are 4 legs. The part of #7111 is used for the leg. # Back is deceived with the tire.(^^;
Since there was an opinion referred to as not dear with there being no face, the eye was attached.(^^)
#6 GASHIGASHI-KUN II(Improvement version) GASHIGASHI-KUN II(Improvement version) "GASHIGASHI-KUN II" was improved and Emotion Unit (Japanese) was carried.
9V Battery Box is used for the power supply (006P battery) of Emotion Unit. output port can be used three by favor.
- A mood will become bad if a tactile sense(Touch sensor) is struck lightly(Less than 1 second).
- A mood will become good if a tactile sense(Touch sensor) is touched for a long time(1 seconds or more).
- If light is applied, an eye is closed, it will be dazzling and a mood will become bad.
-A mood makes it good order "It smiles and cries", "Common", "An antenna is moved with anger" and "It cries with sadness"
-If there is no fixed time(About 10 seconds) stimulus, an "eye will be closed" and it will sleep.
Since it idles occasionally in since the chain is used for axle part, I think that it will improve to a slight degree.
#8 EMO-KUN EMO-KUN and WonderCommand-II WonderSwan which attached WonderCommand-II is in "EMO-KUN" who made in the demonstration of Emotion Unit (Japanese) and WonderCommand-II (Japanese), and this side.
The 4th MINDSTORMS festival (Japanese) It made for the technical demonstration.
It is reflected to PC Watch (Japanese) together.(^^;
#9 WWGP2001 machine WWGP2001 machine "WWGP2001 machine" made to the WWGP2001 (Japanese) final examination presentations of WonderCommand (Japanese).
It unites with a motion of a front wheel and a handle also moves. Missile on side can be launched!
#10 BALL-HA-TOMODACHI-KUN BALL-HA-TOMODACHI-KUN This robot was made for the demonstration of Vision Unit. This robot runs after a yellow ball.
Movie(160x120) : ball.asf(200,922byte)

MindStorms RIS2.0


It is a photograph of PCB in RCX included in RIS2.0. The same PCB as RCX included in RIS1.5 is used. It was completely the same except one electrolysis capacitor being lost.
RCX(RIS2.0) parts side RCX(RIS2.0) solder side


It is a photograph of PCB in USB IR TOWER included in RIS2.0. An infrared remote control receiving unit is in an upper right corner. Infrared LED is located in a line with the bottom of it in the shape of 3 radiation. Surface mount type green LED(for indicators) is in the lower left, and it is red LED(for VLL) that the it is downward again. Big IC in the bottom It was ST72631 (8bit microcomputer which contained USB I/F).
# Are there many LED.(^^;

USB IR TOWER is supporting VLL output. Then, the software for outputting VLL was made.
Please be used by making USB IR TOWER VLL mode at "LEGO USB tower" of a control panel.
VLL code is specified and performed within DOS window.
vll code0 code1 ... codeN

It attaches VLL and Mr. mac's page VLL will be played (Japanese) has detailed explanation.

MindStorms RIS1.5


When the parts of RIS1.5 was checked, it entered more mostly than the number which has appeared in the manual.

Parts number(LEdit)Parts nameColorNumber of manual publicationsActual number
%3024 Plate 1x1 RoundBlack23
%3024 White23
%3024 Blue23
%3647 Technic Gear 8 ToothLight-Gray67
%3713 Technic BushLight-Gray4041
%4265C Technic Bush 1/2 SmoothLight-Gray1819
%4274 Technic Pin 1/2Light-Gray89
%32002 Technic Pin 3/4Gray1617
%4459 Technic Pin with FrictionBlack2425
%6019 Plate 1x1 with Clip HorizontalBlack02
Rubber bandBlack45
Rubber bandWhite34


RCX included in RIS1.5 does not have AC adapter input. However, if parts were not only mounted, when it thought that an inner PCB was the same as that of RCX included in RIS1.0, and it could convert easily and it decomposed and checked, it turns out that that is not right. Arrangement of parts has also changed delicately.
RCX(RIS1.5) parts side RCX(RIS1.5) solder side


It is checking that IR TOWER is connected by RTS/CTS pin of IRTOWER short-circuiting inside, and RcxCC etc. turning on/off RTS signal, and checking CTS signal. It seems that however, IRTOWER is not recognized when delay after RTS signal is turned on until CTS signal is turned on is 20ms or more.

LEGO and parts which were purchased

LEGO and parts which were purchased were collected.

Product name Purchase price
(Exceptions, such as a mailing cost and a tax)
Purchase quantity
#3804 Robotics Invention System 2.0 29,000yen 1
#4212 BASIC 1,200yen 1
#5225 9 Volt Motor(2pcs) 5,600yen 1
#6013 Samurai Swordsman *1 1
#6033 Treasure Transport *1 1
#6037 Witch's Windship *1 1
#6452 Mini Rocket Launcher *1 1
#6572 Wind Runners *1 1
#6837 Cosmic Creeper 1,500yen 1
#7110 Landspeeder *1 1
#7111 Droid Fighter 1,400yen 2
#8002 Destroyer Droid 6,999yen 1
#8226 Mud Masher 2,200yen 1
#8268 Scorpion Attack 2,200yen 1
#8417 Mag Wheel Master 3,799yen 1
#8436 Truck 16,800yen 1
#8445 Indy Storm 6,499yen 1
#8446 Crane Truck 7,990yen 1
#8448 Super Street Sensation 17,900yen 1
#8462 Tow Truck 113EUR(12,690yen) 1
#8480 Space Shuttle 22,000yen 1
#8504 Judge Slizer *1 1
#8506 Rock Slizer *1 1
#8508 Supplementary discs *1 2
#9719 Robotics Invention System 1.0 9,800yen 1
#9731 Vision Command 14,060yen 1
#9738 Remote Control 2,500yen 1
#9747 Robotics Invention System 1.5 32,900yen 1
#9748 Droid Development Kit 6,000yen 1
#9754 Dark Side Developer Kit 16,999yen 1
#9756 Rotation Sensor 2,600yen 1
#9876 Large Turntables(2pcs) 1,000yen 4
#9885 Sound element 1,700yen 1
#9886 Electric Plates(3pcs) 900yen 1
#9897 9V Connecting Lead 3 type 2,000yen 1
#9937 Small Chain Links(100pcs) 1,000yen 2
#9966 Large Gear Wheels 800yen 4
Sound sensor kit for LEGO MindStorms (Japanese) 2,400yen 2
Purchase #6013, #6033, #6037, #6452, #6572, #7110, #8504, #8506 and #8508 x 2 by 2,000yen collectively.

Reference book

They are the books made reference.