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Last modified 10/19/2003

Electronic workshop


This page introduces the thing made from electronic work of hobby.

The list of works

The list of works
Name Explanation
CPLD/PCI Card (Japanese) The card to measure the timing at PCI bus cycle using XILINX's CPLD(XC95108-15PC84C).
Emotion Unit (Japanese) The unit to enrich emotion expression for MindStorms using ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S1200-12PC).
IR Object Perception Sensor (Japanese) The object perception sensor(?) for MindStorms using ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S1200-12PC).
WonderCommand (Japanese) IR Remote Control Transmitter for MindStorms using WonderSwan(WonderWitch) and ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S1200-12PC).
WonderCommand-II (Japanese) It miniaturized WonderCommand using ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S2323-10PC).
Brick Spine for AVR (Japanese) It made "Brick Spine 2" using ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S2313-10PC). "Brick Spine 2" is open to public in Mr. Hirota's Hirota's Home Automation Project (Japanese).
WonTouch (Japanese) TouchPanel for WonderSwan(WonderWitch) using ATMEL's 8bit microcontroller(AT90S2313-10PC).
USB headphone (Japanese) USB connection headphone using USBIO-EZ(AN2131QC) and WonderSwan headphone(BU9480F).
Vision Unit The vision unit for MindStorms using MITSUBISHI's artificial retina sensor(M64270G) and Cygnal's 8bit microcontroller(C8051F300).
Serial Camera (Japanese) Serial-port connection camera using TOSHIBA's digital camera unit(DMR-C1) and Cygnal's 8bit microcontroller(C8051F300).
Simple writer for C8051F30x(Japanese) Serial-port connection simple writer for C8051F30x.
XPort Camera(Japanese) It is a WEB camera using XPort.